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Safari Condo's latest news

A Fourth Plant for Safari Condo

2 October 2017

To provide timely delivery to its clients and better meet the growing demand for its products, Safari Condo will invest 3 M$ in the construction of a new plant. Located in the industrial park in St-Frédéric de Beauce, the new 23,000 sq. ft. building will be home to the production of the Alto Caravan. Safari Condo expects to increase its production of Alto almost 2.5 times its current rate. About 60 jobs will be created over a 3 to 4 year period. The official ground breaking ceremony took place on September 5, 2017; production in the new facilities is expected to start in the spring of 2018

Reaching a new milestone: Alto # 1 000

22 December 2016

22 December 2016 A day of festivity at Safari Condo! With all the staff of the Alto team in attendance, the company celebrated the completion of the 1 000th caravan. The Alto adventure launched gently in 2007 with a first version. Innovation being second nature at Safari Condo, the tools required for the production of this new generation of caravan both stylized, lightweight and aerodynamic had to be created from scratch. Thanks to the work of a committed team, two additional versions were added to the line during production. Seven years later, in September 2014, Safari Condo launched Alto # 500. Subsequently, the restructuring of both workspace and job process, the hiring of new employees and the purchase of a cutting table lead to a threefold increase of the production rate over only 27 months. Congratulations to all! Thank you to all employees

Cross Canada in 100% Electric Car with Camping Trailer: Done

23 September 2016

For Silke and Rolf, crossing Canada driving a 100% electric vehicle towing a caravan is over. From their June 11 departure in Victoria, British Columbia, the couple reached Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost point on September 4. They are the first to achieve this undertaking. A 15,000 km journey, 100% electric, during which Silke and Rolf reached out to Canadians to talk about renewable energy, environment and the world we want to leave to our children. In no way did they promote Tesla, but they simply wanted to demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles and solar panels and that they are an integral part of our future.

Silke and Rolf chose the Alto for this trip because of its lightweight, its aerodynamic shape and the smooth surface of its retractable roof. It is on the latter that Rolf has installed 8 flexible 100-watt solar panels. He also replaced the standard battery with a lithium-ion battery with a greater capacity. The renewable energy captured by the solar panels and stored in the battery could if necessary provide the vehicle with 30 to 40 km of additional autonomy.


 All of us at Safari Condo warmly congratulate Silke and Rolf! Mission accomplished!

Sustainable Development Award

18 September 2016

Safari Condo was awarded for a second time in as many years a prize highlighting the company’s efforts in sustainable development. Indeed, Safari Condo was presented with the Desjardins Entrepreneurs Développement award for Eastern Quebec and is in the running for the national grand prize winner to be unveiled next November 17. This recognition comes from several distinctive initiatives and especially a business philosophy that is the cornerstone of Safari Condo since its foundation. Indeed, in 1997, at a time when the principles of fuel economy and global warming were not yet popular concepts, Daniel Nadeau, founder and president of Safari Condo, already imagined a line of small effective and energy efficient recreational vehicles.

The company fully embraces the values of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle; this is reflected in the choice of top-quality materials to offer long life to its vehicles, in the energy invested in improving manufacturing processes in order to reduce waste to a minimum, and in the attention given to purchasing from local suppliers and selecting low GHG emission transporters.

Safari Condo also believes in the quality of life of employees in support of sustainable development through: the sharing of profits, the work-family balance, the valorization of community involvement and the opportunity to use the camping products manufactured by the company. Their health and training are our priority: in co-operation with all employees, the company continuously works to improve the safety and ergonomics of their workplace.


An electrifying visit!

6 September 2016

Last week, everyone at Safari Condo was looking forward to meeting the crew of Tesla X Canada. Last June, Silke, Rolf and their dog Kye left Victoria, British Columbia on a trip across Canada driving a Tesla towing an Alto. While in St-Frédéric they took the time to tour the Alto factory. Daniel and Stéphane Nadeau, the two founders of Safari Condo who respectively drive a Chevrolet Volt and a Tesla, accompanied by M. Jacques Desmeules, longtime condist and Chevrolet Volt owner, proudly posed in front of their electric car surrounding the stars of the day. Everyone seized the opportunity to question our modern-day explorers. The adventures of Silke and Rolf promote electric vehicles and renewable energy. The latter were exploring    the Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland at the beginning of September! They drove more than 14 000 km in 100% electric mode while towing an Alto!

To follow the adventures of Rolf, Silke and Kye and exchange with them, we invite you to visit their website and their Facebook page. 






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