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Imagine a Class B motorhome or an Ultra light caravan that fits you.

You are unique and so should be your outdoor vehicle.

This is why Safari Condo offers a range of fifteen different class B models on 3 chassis, 3 models of ultra light caravans and hundreds of combinations of options and accessories. You will have all the ingredients at your disposal to make your own recipe. For over 15 years Safari Condo has manufactured functional ultra light caravans and class B motorhomes from high quality materials. Our vehicles offer everything you need for outdoor activities, in a well-designed and compact format . Summer or winter, regardless of place or time, they will give you the freedom to leave in a heartbeat ... or extend your stay on a whim.

Our small RVs have been designed for nature lovers whose path is not always traced in advance, our vehicles venture with confidence where others hardly dare to drive, both in the city center and the countryside. They include the latest innovations in eco-efficiency, ergonomics and materials for you to enjoy a travel experience that is different and as invigorating as a breath of fresh air! Every detail has been designed to let you enjoy the trip without any unnecessary clutter. This is how our small motorhomes and caravans meet the impossible challenge of being smaller outside, but larger inside! Designed by real outdoor enthusiasts and regularly field-tested, they fit everywhere. Reach the most beautiful places, seize the moment: being smaller, means having the freedom to dream big.


ProMaster project

January 7 2014

Over the last months, all the energy at Safari Condo was invested in the development of a new range of class B RV on a chassis well-known in Europe, but new to America: the Ram ProMaster. While it is new here, it is known throughout Europe under the name of Fiat Ducato, where over 3.5 million units of this model have been sold. We opted for this vehicle following a long comparative process between the different existing and any new upcoming chassis. As is, this vehicle is the only one of its type in America, and its front-wheel drive is the factor that influenced our choice. This allows for a vehicle 7 inches lower than all its competitors. So we end up with a floor 7-inch lower and offering easier access, with an inner height which is the same as that of the Sprinter but with a lower overall height by 7 inches. The front-wheel drive system simplifies the mechanics, which contributes to reducing the weight and maintenance costs of the vehicle. The other great quality of this vehicle is that it is 4 inches wider on the inside than a competitor which for us is very interesting because, in building a van, the weak point is always the width. The ProMaster is available in 4 sizes and Safari Condo will offer accommodation in the 18 and 21 footers.

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