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The Information Bulletin of Safari Condo Owners vol. 9 num. 3 December 2007

Translated by Dominique Nadeau


The New and Improved Coquille.


Zone de Texte: In this edition:
•	The Annual Reunion
•	The Frosted Snails
•	The Subscription Form
•	The Schedule for the weekend
•	News
We are now at the end of our ninth year of publication and next year La Coquille will be presented to you in a new format. As there were already a growing number of you getting your newsletter by e-mail, we have decided to no longer print our information bulletin. Instead we will simply send it by e-mail. We will also post it on our website for you to consult when you want. Considering the growing costs of sending and printing the regular printed version you are now holding in your hands the last paper exemplar of La Coquille.


Apart from the reduction of cost, an electronic version of our bulletin has numerous advantages. We will now be able to include a greater number of pages, insert photos and graphs, and vary the page layout. Therefore, if you have an e-mail address and have not told us yet, please contact us so that we can keep you informed. Otherwise, you will still be able to consult all the current and past editions of La Coquille on our website.


Don’t forget that La Coquille is an information medium for all Safari Condo owners. Thus, do not hesitate to send us your travel stories, your tips, or your pictures. It’s by sharing your experiences that the Condist community grows.


A Return to our Roots!


A special invitation from Daniel and Michèle


It has been a little over 10 years since Daniel, lying in our gravel driveway, was beginning work on the #1 Safari Condo. It was a brand new white Safari, and I watched in horror as he cut open the roof, ripped out all interior and then turned and looked at me with a beaming smile. He was smiling, because in his visionary eyes he could see the Safari Condos we know today, while I only saw a new vehicle with a gaping hole in its roof that would almost  surely end up in a scrap yard somewhere.


Over the years Safari Condo grew, always innovating thanks to new projects and ideas from Daniel. With time new people joined us in this adventure, sharing their talents, ideas and becoming the heart and soul of this company. Here family is everywhere, and different branches of Nadeau’s are now part of Safari Condo: father, brother, sister, sister-in-law, and recently our daughter joined the team. All these people are the foundations on which Safari Condo is built.


Our 10th Safari Condo reunion is a great celebration that will bring together condists, employees, family and friends. It will be held in Beauce, our home, and the place where it all began. Daniel and me warmly invite you to come and share with us a weekend in the valley on the banks of the Chaudière river.

Daniel et Michèle


A celebration of sharing


For our 10th anniversary we thought about presenting a conference related to the outdoors by a great guest speaker. We then thought right away about one of our high school friends. This Beauceron holds a Doctorate in Outdoors education, is an experienced alpinist, having climbed the Everest several times, and he is also the co-founder of the foundation On the Tip of the Toes. Born in Ste-Marie, Mario Bilodeau, holds a strong belief in nature’s ability to heal. He was kind enough to accept our invitation and he will be our guest speaker at our 2008 reunion. In 1996 he was one of the individuals who co-founded On the Tip of the Toes. This foundation’s mission is to help the largest number of teenagers sick from cancer to regain their self-esteem and to give them back hope for life by challenging them in different exceptional adventure expeditions in the wilderness. During these expeditions sick youths will be able to prove to themselves that they can accomplish things they never thought they could do. This will fill them with a new self confidence and new courage to face their illness.


There comes a time in life when we want to share a little of everything that we have received. In previous years Safari Condo has been involved in different causes. Among them, Ms. Judith Doyon’s cross Canada walk for the Québec YWCA, and Mr. Rob Argalis’ crossing of Canada for the Canadian Arthritus Society. The difference is that this time it’s not only Safari Condo who will be implicated. This time we would like it to be a great collective fundraising effort. With more than 2,000 condists, we constitute an important number of people that can make an impact in a world too often indifferent. Together we can change things, or at the very least we can make them better. Who has not had someone close to them who had cancer? Now try to imagine the feeling of injustice one must feel when this disease hits someone whose life is just beginning. I strongly invite you to go on the foundation’s website and look at the photos. Look at these kids’ smiles. It’s because of these smiles that Daniel and I have chosen to involve ourselves with this cause. If you want to help us get more of these teens to smile at life again you can participate in two ways: The first is to participate in our Chinese auction by donating or buying a gift for the auction, and the second is to participate in our “Shave-o-thon” on Sunday night. You will find in this edition of  La Coquille a subscription sheet explaining the goal of the fundraising. You then write the name and address of the people who donated, along with the amount given. On Sunday night we will do a countdown of the money raised, while we’ll be cutting off our hair! If you are a group of Condists you can also raise money and elect one person from your group who will get his or her head shaven. Please note that the “Shave-o-thon” is a personal commitment and it is not a requirement for you to donate our do a fundraising activity for this cause. The whole idea is to participate in any way that makes you comfortable and have fun doing it. On that night I’m sure there will be a lot of smiles in the attendance.


If you have any questions about the fundraising for the foundation On the Tip of the Toes, please do not hesitate to contact me at 000-000-0000 or by e-mail at [email protected]


For more information :

On the Tip of the Toes Foundation:

Mario Bilodeau :


The 2008 Safari Condo Reunion


2008 marks the tenth anniversary of the Company Safari Condo. It’s for this reason that we have chosen to hold our annual reunion in Vallée-Jonction Beauce, the birthplace of the very first Safari Condo. From June 20th to the 23rd 2008 the local Outdoors Activity Centre will be teeming with happy campers who have come to celebrate their 10th birthday.


Because we are expecting over 300 Safari Condos and their crew, no private campground was willing to have us as guests. This is why we have reserved the grounds of the Outdoors centre in Vallée-Jonction. The campground infrastructures, however, were non-existent so we had to think of everything. We will have enough electricity, toilets and showers to service and satisfy everyone.


During those three days the choice of activities will be great: the site where we will be camping is bordered by the bike path on one side, and the Chaudière river on the other. Just across the street, and at the same time as our reunion it will be the Vallée-Jonction Painting Symposium. For those who enjoy geo-caching, a few treasures will be hidden and will allow you to see some of the unique sites of our village. Finally, we will also include in this tenth edition of our reunion a charitable activity, which we invite you to participate in.


As in previous reunions, those who need to have service done on their vehicle must absolutely call Frédéric at 1-877-806-3666, and explain the nature of the maintenance needed. The service will be done at our plant, and not on site. This is why it is mandatory for you to take an appointment.


This year, however, we have to build an electrical system from scratch for the whole site. Because this set up is costly we need to know exactly how many of you require electricity. As you will clearly see on the subscription sheet, there is a substantial rebate for those of you who will choose to take a site without electricity.


You should also tell us on the subscription form if you would like to be placed with friends. We need to know now because we will design our plans accordingly.


Most importantly, come in great numbers and with your best smile, because this year we are returning to our roots. A tenth anniversary comes just once!


To all painters who own a Safari Condo


If you would like to participate in the Vallée-Jonction Painting Symposium that will be held at the same time as the Safari Condo Reunion, 2 packages are offered to you : Symposium and interior Exhibition or exterior Symposium only. You must provide your portfolio before January 30, 2008 to Marguerite Lacasse, xxx xxx-xxxx,    [email protected]



The First Great Anglo-Condo Reunion



For several years now there has been a growing number of English-speaking condists that have joined the great Safari Condo family. Although some of them have already joined us in our annual reunions, others have been slightly intimidated by the language barrier. This is why Cheryl thought of organizing our first Anglo Safari Condo reunion in Ontarian soil this year!


The event was held at the Ottawa Municipal campground from September 14 to 16, 2007. There was a nice little group of us with a wide array of cultural heritages. Many activities were on the program for the weekends, and nothing, not even the cold or the evening thunder storms, stopped us from enjoying ourselves. We did some geo-caching, where we went in search of treasures hidden in the woods with the help of our trusted GPS. Safari Condo also held some drill handling contests along with electrical systems wiring competitions. We were therefore able to gather names of potential employees for the future! Finally, there was also an edition of the now famous Mad Scientist Contest. In this case the winning idea was an ingenious invention that keeps the door of the fridge open when you are leaving it to thaw out.


During this weekend, bonds were rapidely created between participants. This is probably due in great part to the fact that we spent most of our evenings closely huddled together sheltered from the rain in Benoît and Cheryl’s dining tent. There we shared our meals, including a memorable potluck dinner, where everyone contributed a specialty (mine were the very unoriginal brownies). We also had the opportunity to listen to some live music as we had electric piano and violin performances. The next morning we even woke up to the sound of the bagpipes. 


Once departure time had arrived some went biking in Ottawa while others chose to start heading straight home. But be assured that after this wonderful weekend everyone promised to be there for the second edition next year. Our English-speaking friends also agreed to come in large numbers to the 10th Anniversary Safari Condo Reunion in Beauce, next St-John-the-Baptist day, in 2008. Safari Condo would therefore like to invite all its English-speaking clients to come and celebrate with us next year, and see just how hospitable people in Beauce can be. One last thank you the organizers and all the participants of the first Great Anglo Safari Condo Reunion. In the hopes of seeing you, and other new faces, next year!


The Frosted Snails’ Winter Camping


The Genévrier campground in Baie St-Paul will be awaiting you on February 15 to 17 2008, for a weekend of snow-filled fun and good food. The package includes your campsite with electricity for Friday and Saturday nights, the breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as the dinner on Saturday night (we cannot bring our own wine). The restrooms (no showers) will be open from 7h to 23h. The access to the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails, the skating rink and the tobogganing hill are also included. For those who like downhill skiing, the Massif de la Petite-Rivière-St-François is right next door, and if things remain unchanged it will be overflowing with snow! Baie-St-Paul also invites you to come and walk down its main street, visit its art galleries, talk with friends in one of its cafés or even to go on the peer to look over the St-Lawrence in its snowy winter environment. Arrival starts at 15h on Friday and departure is Sunday afternoon. Snowmobilers are welcome, but are asked to only ride their snowmobiles on the campground to get in or out. 


Price per vehicle (for 2 people): 115$

Kids 5 years old and under: free

Kids from 6 to 12 years old: 20$


There are only 25 spots available! So reserve early!


If you would like to subscribe for our Winter Gathering simply contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. When I am not at home please leave a message with your phone number on my answering machine. I will contact you as soon as I can J



Don’t forget to:

Fill up on propane,

Fill up on gas before arriving at the campground,

Bring an electrical extension cord.

If this is your first experience in winter camping, read the Frosted Snails’ tips in the Condists’ Corner.




A Forum for Safari Condo Owners


Two couples of Condists had the idea of opening a discussion forum specially made for Safari Condo owners. It would be a place where they could talk about their travel experiences, exchange tips and offer advice or help. They needed, however, a little technical support so that their project could come to fruition. So they asked for help from our computer savvy Safari Condo owners. It was a young 16-year old condist who answered the call, and who has set up the entire forum. Go have a look! Our young friend has tremendous talent. is your forum; an information tool in addition to La Coquille, the internet site’s Condists’ Corner and of course the professional technical advice and support given at the plant. The important difference is that the subjects, opinions and information shared on the forum are entirely personal and do not necessarily reflect those of Safari Condo.  This forum is a private enterprise in no way linked to the company Safari Condo. For any technical questions about your vehicle don’t forget that you can always reach us through our toll free number and that we will be happy to answer all your questions.






Onboard computer


As I am going up the hill I look at my fuel consumption: 111 litres per 100 kilometres! Incredible!

How did I know this? Simply by looking at my new ScanGauge II, a small 2 cm by 10 cm LCD screen that plugs into the OBDII plug on your vehicle. This is the same plug that your garage uses to read the codes from the car’s computer when making engine diagnoses.


Besides my fuel consumption my onboard genii can give me numerous other parameters: average fuel consumption for today, yesterday, the maximum, minimum and average speed, remaining litres of fuel in the reservoir, kilometres traveled today, yesterday and since the last fill up. In total you can get over fifteen different parameters on three different sets of memories.


Does it seem complicated? It really isn’t. After having plugged in the small computer, you place it on your dashboard with Velcro. Then you simply need to calibrate it, and adjust the precision at your first few fill-ups. The computer can give you numerous different parameters of information in real time, but the screen can only display 4 simultaneously, so you must select which ones are displayed.


I was thus able to see that when going down this same hill my fuel consumption was now 0,0 litres per 100 km, and that my engine was running at 20% capacity at 595 RPM and the temperature of the engine coulant was at 90°C.


You can get more information about this wonderful little computer on the company’s website at . You can purchase the ScanGauge II at the Safari Condo sales office for 179,95$. This mini computer can plug into any type of car. Nice gift, don’t you think?



A solo condist would like to do part of his travel down to the South of the U.S with other Safari Condo owners. The tentative departure date would be some time in early January, with a return date at the end of February. The dates are not fixed, and the destination is not yet determined. The trip is still being planned out. Write to [email protected]




Zone de Texte: Important :
In order to save paper and trees, we recommend that you keep the following pages: The 2008 Reunion Weekend Program, the Chinese Auction Instructions, and the Fund Raising Sheet. Please bring them with you at the reunion.  
Simply send us back your subscription sheet fully filled out.














Jekyll Island, as seen by a condist.




The entire team at Safari Condo wishes you all the best for the holidays!